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Letters / Our readers speak out

Doctor misdiagnosed burning desire

My decision to throw a Willis McGahee jersey I purchased three years ago into a flaming oil drum last Sunday is not my way of lashing out at perceived threats posed by increasingly "assertive" women in my home or at my workplace, as a recent letter writer has suggested. Rather, as a self-respecting Bills fan and Buffalonian it was my way of severing ties with a weak and classless prima donna unfit to play for this city and its fans. The doctor who wrote the letter to which I am referring needs to re-evaluate his shoddy diagnosis of the mind of a male Bills fan.

Steve Spillman



Let the bombs drop where they may

What a sensational end to the Bills-Jets game! Losman comes in for the injured Edwards, throws a bomb, and nails the win! A Hollywood script.

Next up: the Bengals here at The Ralph. Bombs away!

Joyce L. Wilson



Criticism of Bills over QBs was cheap

This is not a letter debating who should start at QB for the Bills. God knows that discussion could fill this entire newspaper. What it is about is the totally asinine comments that were going around about the Bills just playing Edwards because of not wanting to pay big bucks renewing and extending Losman's contract.

If they decide to trade or release (if there's no trade partner) Losman, it's because they've decided that he's just not the guy who is going to develop into anything more than he is. So why would anybody expect them to pay him? That's not cheap, it's smart.

What would be cheap (and stupid) would be if they thought they had the next Montana, Aikman, or Kelly in J.P., but didn't want to pay megabucks for what salary a talent like that would command. What's cheap about making a decision that a player (Losman) has hit his plateau, deciding not to pay through the nose for him, and going in a different direction (Edwards)?

The Bills as an organization have made many, to say the least, questionable decisions in the past, but they finally make a totally understandable and sound decision and people still misinterpret it.

Joe Pulvirenti

Orchard Park


Blame pitching, and not A-Rod

Yankees fans who are glad that A-Rod will not be returning to the Bronx Bombers next season because they blame him for the team again falling in the first round of the playoffs are misleading themselves. The Yankees lost in the ALDS because their pitching wasn't as good as the Indians' and they lost to the Red Sox in the division this year because the Red Sox had the best pitching staff in baseball.

That's the No. 1 reason why Boston is again the World Series champions and the Yankees, for the seventh straight year -- predating A-Rod by three years -- aren't.

Another big reason is that, when the Red Sox came back from that 3-0 deficit to beat the Yankees in the ALCS in 2004, Boston threw off the huge psychological burden of failing for 85 years and it has now shifted to the Yankees, who despite having the most stars, haven't won in the 21st century. Negative psychology is a big burden.

The Yankees and A-Rod of this season were much like many Red Sox teams that fell just short over the years. Boston often had the better lineup and the biggest star in the game, Ted Williams, but it couldn't overcome the Yankees' superior pitching and defense. Boston now has the superior pitching and defense and it's not A-Rod's fault they lost again.

They might not even have made the playoffs without A-Rod's MVP numbers again this year.

A-Rod was smart to opt out of that situation and look for a new home where he will be fully accepted for the great player he is. If he goes to the Cubs, he may hit 60 home runs more than once and, given enough pitching, be the hero when the Cubs win their first World Series since 1908. Maybe then Yankees fans will realize they should have supported him more warmly.

Richard F. Teetsel



Second-class sports citizens?

Niagara County sports fans get the short end from the Buffalo News again. We don't get to read about the World Series the day after a game while at breakfast, or over coffee. The News writes that the game has not finished in time for them to write about it, so they give us fodder to read like a second class sports citizen.

They claim it's because they want to print more articles about Niagara County and what is happening with business, government and so on. Can't this wait for the following day? This is the World Series. America, Apple Pie, and we get newspaper fodder.

We don't get late hockey scores, football scores, or any other game that is played late. They tell us to get the scores and articles online. No one in Erie County has to do this, so why are we being punished?

I guess The News would rather print articles about a town meeting and how nothing was accomplished vs. Game Four of the World Series.

How very sad. I, for one, will not pick up this paper again until we are treated fairly.

Bruce Cranston

North Tonawanda


Series games start way too late

I'm not complaining about the teams in the World Series but the time slots. When did they start showing most of the playoff series after 8 p.m. on most games?

The games have been starting at 8:30 p.m., which means they finish 11:30 p.m.-1 a.m. It just isn't good policy. The Series itself should be afternoon or early evening, not later than 7.

If the ratings are low this year, this is the reason.

Ron Schunke


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