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It seems to us . . . History becomes a power pawn, governor's staff gets a new look

TANTRUM TIME: Former State Sen. Alfred T. Coppola just lost his credentials as a friend of preservation and history, by threatening to sue for the right to demolish a surviving Pan-American Exposition building after he couldn't bully the Preservation Board into letting a friend erect a canopy on a Delaware Avenue restaurant.

You'd have to look hard to find a better example of spite. We're hoping the 1901 Pan-Am House, which Coppola worked hard to save, will survive. It stands a better chance than Coppola's civic reputation.


SPITZER SHUFFLE: It has been an interesting week in the halls of power. First Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's diplomats undiplomatically revolted while she was overseas, protesting the "death sentence" of mandatory assignments to Iraq. Then Gov. Eliot L. Spitzer shuffled his staff, particularly the public-interface part of it.

Good move. Hopefully, that will result in better advice from his senior adviser and from the staff that measures the mood of the public. Hasn't worked out too well, until now.

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