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Take a Seat

A couple of interesting inactives for the Bills' opener against Denver: Duke Preston and Tim Anderson. We've known for some time that Anderson is a marginal NFl player. But it's not a good sign if he can't make the active list on this defense. This means the Bills will probably go to a three man tackle rotation, with Jason Jefferson getting occasional snaps as the No.

It's quite a comedown for Preston, who started half the games last year and was a cog on the O line during the Bills late-season run. On a selfish note, Preston had become what we in the media call a "go to guy' in the locker room, someone who could be counted on for an insightful quote after games. Oh well, they say Brad Butler is an avid reader -- books, that is -- so I'll no doubt be making a quick beeline to Butler's stall after the game. Enjoy.

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