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Gibbons Watch

Apparently, I caused quite a stir among the more critical Blue Jays fans last week by suggesting in a column that Toronto's John Gibbons deserves consideration for MVP. I felt Gibbons had done an amazing job by keeping the Jays in shouting distance of the wild card, despite a rash of injuries. His critics feel he is a mediocrity whose handling of pitchers leaves much to be desired.

I still think Gibbons has gotten a lot out of his team. On the other hand, it was a little eye-opening to hear about a recent game against Seattle, where the Jays batted out of order. This wasn't the first time they'd suffered from a lineup blunder, either. Those are inexcusable screwups. Pitcher Josh Towers said the coaching staff wasn't consistently prepared for games, quite a comment from a player on the record.

So I might have been quick to anoint Gibbons as a genius. I'll admit, I've paid a lot more attention to the Yankees this year. I watch them on TV. Even Joe Torre, who has won four World Series, leaves me scratching my head at times. Criticizing baseball managers is easy. Every move they make can be analyzed. That said, I'm keeping an eye on Gibbons. If he's as bad as many of his critics say, I'll be much harsher in the future.

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