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"Typhoid Mary" for Clinton, other Dems?

When it was learned last month that wealthy Democratic donor Norman Hsu was a fugitive, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., "wished him well in dealing with the problems he is confronting."

Wednesday morning Hsu failed to appear at a bail hearing, forfeiting $2 million in bail. His lawyers said they didn't know where he was.

“When you have as many contributors as I’m fortunate enough to have, we do the very best job we can based on the information available to us to make appropriate vetting decisions. This one was a big surprise to everybody," Sen. Clinton said in August, before Gov. Eliot Spitzer stepped in and stopped the questions.

Hsu had given $256,000 to various Democrats and party causes in the last three years, including $23,000 to Clinton's presidential campaign; $5,000 to Sen. Barak H. Obama, D-Ill., and $23,000 to Bill Richardson's campaign for governor of New Mexico. All these have reportedly been donated to charity.

Now the question is, will Hsu's flight affect Clinton's campaign, and those of Obama and Richardson?

--Douglas Turner

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