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The campaign gets real

   There must be something to the old adage about the "real campaign" begins after Labor Day, because today is the day after Labor Day and there is no question the real campaign is now under way.

   First, Chris Collins launched his ads that basically introduce himself as the Republican candidate for county executive.

   Then, Democrat Jim Keane unveiled his new ad attacking Democratic rival Paul Clark for his long ties to Joel Giambra, the incumbent -- and according to the polls, unpopular  -- Republican county executive.

   This is what this campaign is all about, folks. No candidate with the exception of former Mayor Jim Griffin has much name recognition around these parts.

   So that means the other candidates must get on TV now -- with less than two weeks before Primary Day -- to disseminate their message.

For the next two weeks, get ready for saturation TV as Clark and Keane battle it out and Collins tries to look like the good guy just watching from afar. If you like politics, it will be a glorious time on TV.

   If not, I suggest getting a good book for the next two weeks.

Robert J. McCarthy

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