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A bad taste lingers from 'Top Chef'

Top_chef_joey_3Could the blame game have worked this week on Bravo's "Top Chef"? It certainly appeared that way.

This week's elimination challenge featured two-person teams that had to create a frozen Mediterrnean meal that could be cooked in 10 minutes. Hung and Howie, the two most volatile
personalities on "Top Chef," continued to take their failures out on others when it came time to face the judges. This time, Hung's teammate, Joey, appeared to have taken the fall when he was eliminated.

That's not the only reason this show left a bad taste. The members of the winning team would each receive two tickets to Italy as a prize. While other contestants spouted nonsense about wanting to win the tickets to "taste the land," Joey wanted to give the tickets to his mother and sister if he won. What a good guy. His inconsolable tearful reaction to his elimination made things even worse. This was not a fun show to watch. (Can we take up a collection to send Joey and his family to Italy?) Hopefully Hung and Howie will get their due soon.

-- Toni Ruberto   

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