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Widening our culinary horizons

Our 2007 Buffalo Tour of Festivals continued this weekend with our annual stop at the Lebanese Festival
at the St. John Maron Church in Williamsville. This is always a
fun family event with something for everyone. (The festival runs through today -- Sunday.)

For me, it's falafel -- one of my
favorite foods -- for my kids it's the bouncy house and games. Plus the Lebanese music and
dancers create a great atmosphere and out-of-Buffalo exposure to world culture.

My attempts to globalize our kids fell
short when we got to the food line; kids quickly skip over the falafel, kebab,
and lubneh stations for hot dogs and hamburgers.  Progress: They did try
baklava for dessert. Even Mr. Connors nearly bypassed the kebab platter because it required 18 tickets ($9), and
instead nearly opted for a more competitively priced cheeseburger until I wailed, "It's a Lebanese festival! Live on the edge and have
a kebab!

I wish that I could get our kids
to eat more diverse foods ... we can't get out of our hot dog- pasta-chicken
finger-pizza-Chinese food (noodles only) rotation. We try to slip the bonds of the kid
food orbit by occasionally venturing to a restaurant of our adult
choosing. I love The Falafel Bar on Elmwood -- one of my favorite Buffalo restaurants. When I dragged our kids there, they at least were placated by
PB&J on toasted pita. I'll spill the fava beans -- The Falafel Bar is coming
to Amherst in the next month or two with a new location on Sheridan Road
near Duff's. Great news for me, bad news for my kids, since falafel will now be
added to our culinary rotation.

* Memo to Bill O'Reilly:
Falafel is a food; loofah is a bath sponge.


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