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It seems to us . . . The AG takes a stand, Peca redux and a good ending to a bad situation

NO PARTY LINE: Kind of lost in all the kerfuffle this week about Gov. Eliot L. Spitzer's staff misusing the State Police for political purposes was the act of political courage that touched it all off.

State Attorney General Andrew Cuomo deserves praise for the declaration of political independence he delivered in ruling that fellow Democrat Spitzer was the loser in a dust-up with his Republican nemesis, Senate Majority Leader Joseph L. Bruno. Cuomo's staff didn't actually grill the guv in this investigation, but it could be argued that official AG interest stops when it was determined no laws actually had been broken. It's still a victory for ethics, in a town that needs it.


TEAM COLORS: Word that the Sabres were thinking of bringing back former star and fan favorite Michael Peca triggered a burst of hope this week -- maybe we could drag that Peca jersey out of the closet again, and be current in our fandom instead of retro.

Then reality set in -- Peca was here in the demon goat head era, not the age of the banana slug. Right team, wrong colors. We're gonna look retro after all -- if that deal ever comes to fruition. And if it does, we hope Michael finds a burst of retro performance, too.


11th COMMANDMENT: Moses never reported this one, but "Thou shall use common sense" would have made a fine addition to the list. It would have prevented the whole fiasco in which Charles Schmidl of Lockport was preposterously charged with a crime for stopping an out-of-control child from firing hockey pucks at him and his 5-year-old son at Amherst's Pepsi Center.

Fortunately, common sense kicked in last week when Erie County District Attorney Frank Clark, after talking to the older child's mother, decided to dismiss the charges. Schmidl might have done better not dragging the 10-year-old off the ice, but in the end, he acted more responsibly than anyone else there in a dangerous situation.

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