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House still in the house

     BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -- If there was a worst-kept secret than Monday's naming of Drew Carey as Bob Barker's replacement on "The Price Is Right," it is the entire cast of the Fox hit "House" will return this fall despite a cliff-hanger that suggested otherwise.
That became obvious here Monday when the actors who play the former assistants to Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) -- Omar Epps (Dr. Eric Foreman), Jesse Spencer (Dr. Robert Chase) and Jennifer Morrison (Dr. Allison Cameron) -- came to an interview session with Laurie and  co-stars Robert Sean Leonard (Dr. James Wilson) and Lisa Edelstein (Dr. Lisa Cuddy).
In the season finale, Foreman left the hospital, Chase was fired from House's elite team and Cameron  resigned.
"It is so obvious that everybody is back," said executive producer Katie Jacobs. "And we struggled with how to sort of, how to do exactly this (interview session). The truth is everybody is back eventually. And everybody is back having changed and in different capacities."
More on the plans for "House," one of Western New York's most popular shows, soon in The Buffalo News.
-- Alan Pergament

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