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He just plays one on TV

   BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. - Kelsey Grammer and Patricia Heaton, who play Pittsburgh co-anchors in a new Fox series, "Back to You," don't exactly have a high opinion of local TV news.
Asked if it was weird being back in broadcasting after playing radio psychiatrist Dr. Frasier on "Frasier," Grammer drew some laughs with his answer.
"Well, I like to think that based upon my knowledge of most television newscasting now, it has nothing to do with the news anyway," he said. "So I'm very happy to be another performer pretending to be a performer."
Ouch. But that was gentle compared to Heaton's remarks about seeing the hairdos of anchors in different markets. "You got your local New York anchors - the gals who really could use a little wax on the brow," said Heaton. "Then you get all the way to the West Coast, you know, some of them look like hookers."

* Julianna Margulies said here Monday that she and her former "ER" co-star, George Clooney, have been talking about being in a movie together since the day they left the NBC series.
But she added that she believes it has to be at least 10 years since they left the romantically involved characters they played, Carol Hathaway and Doug Ross.
"I trust him," said Margulies, who stars in a new Fox series, "Canterbury's Law." "Maybe we'll do something funny. I said funny because when I think of George, I laugh."
-- Alan Pergament

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