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Lottery leaves two feeling like a million

When Guillermo Reyes, a migrant farm worker from Mexico, heard the news, he said he couldn't stop jumping up and down.

Ken Urban, a cleaning supervisor at an aluminum foundry, said he shook his wife and daughter awake to make sure he hadn't misread the ticket.

Reyes and Urban each won a cool $1 million in recent New York State lottery drawings. Both winners, who celebrated their good luck Wednesday morning at a ceremony in Ellicott Square, will receive $50,000 checks annually for 20 years.

Reyes, who wore a white cowboy hat, said through a translator that he was "very happy" that he will be able to help his family with the money.

"I want to enjoy life," he said.

For two decades, Reyes has been migrating from Mexico to Signer Farms in Appleton to pick cherries every summer. With 13 children and 23 grandchildren, he often struggled to make ends meet. Now, he said, he plans to buy a house for his family in Western New York.

"I've been playing [the lottery] for too many years," he said. "That's why I kept playing. I knew I was going to win someday."

Urban, 52, who lives in Arcade, said he doesn't plan on quitting work.

He said he has his daughter's wedding to help fund, bills to pay off and a son to assist. "I don't think half a million [after taxes] will last," he said. "I'll save it for retirement."

Urban grew up in East Aurora, where he met his wife, Elizabeth, more than 30 years ago. He has been buying tickets for that long.

"I never thought I'd win," he said, holding a piece of congratulatory cake in one hand.


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