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It's much more than football

Dick Ebersol, the chairman of NBC sports, did some Monday morning quarterbacking here in Beverly Hills about last season's promotion of a terrific series about high school football in Texas, "Friday Night Lights." He believes the game plan of heavily promoting the series on NBC's Sunday Night Football might have been a mistake.
"In a way, it may have hurt," said Ebersol. "I happen to believe that 'Friday Night Lights' is the best show on television right now. I think it does a better job than 'The OC' ever did in terms of revealing the realistic life of teenagers in this country. It does very good showing what it's like to be a married couple in America today. It may be our best soap opera.
"I think we were part of an early mistake of probably letting people think it was too much about football, which was not good for the show."
NBC is hoping Thursday's Emmy nominations will give "FNL" a promotional boost for its second season.

* Adam Arkin, who stars in a new NBC series, "Life," was asked if he was shocked that his former "Chicago Hope" co-star Mandy Patinkin has prematurely exited another hit series, CBS' "Criminal Minds."
"He's done it before," said Arkin. "No, I was not shocked, but I tend not to get shocked too easily around anything having to do with show business."

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