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Landing in La La Land

I arrived in Beverly Hills Sunday for annual summer press tour for  critics from around the nation. Unfortunately, I arrived several days after the tour began, and I feel a little bit like a student who missed the first few days of classes and has to catch up on all the gossip.

I'm told that Thursday's HBO session was notable for a couple of reasons. There is going to be a lot of controversy connected to a new provocative HBO drama about marriage, "Tell Me You Love Me," that premieres Sept. 9. It apparently is loaded with sexual content.

There also was some news concerning the proposed "Deadwood" movies from Buffalo's David Milch.
Well, actually the news is there is no news. HBO's executives said they are still interested in doing the films but added that Milch is drained from working on his new series, "John From Cincinnati," and the plan is to talk with him after he's had some rest.

They also said the "Deadwood" movies would have to be put on hold if the low-rated "John" gets a second season. And there's also the question of whether the series' actors will be available. They haven't been sitting around waiting for a call.
Timothy Olyphant, who plays the sheriff, just starred as the villain in the latest "Die Hard" movie and may be concentrating on features. Robin Wiegert, who played Calamity Jane, is starring in a NBC series, "Life." Molly Parker, who played Alma Garret, is one of the stars of the CBS series, "Swingtown." And Leon Rippy, who plays bar owner Tom Nuttall, is in the new TNT series, "Saving Grace."
-- Alan Pergament
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