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'License to Wed': A license to laugh

It all begins when naive Ben Murphy (John Krasinski) proposes to equally naive Sadie Jones (Mandy Moore). While they believe that they are perfect for each other, in order to marry in the church that Sadie's parents were married in, they must first pass Rev. Frank's (Robin Williams) "Marriage Preparation Course."

The radical three-week course "teaches" the couple about the basics of marriage, including how to carry the woman over the threshold and how to argue properly and productively. The course also touches on the trials and tribulations of parenting, entrusting the couple with twin mechanical babies to care for.

Sadie supports this hands-on and intrusive pre-marriage counseling, yet Ben is appalled by Rev. Frank's manipulative tactics. Rev. Frank forces Ben to create a riff with Sadie's snobby, upper-class family, creates the first "real" fight within the otherwise perfect engagement, and even goes so far as to bug the couple's apartment to ensure that they follow his course rules. Instead of strengthening the couple's love for and understanding of each other, these "lessons" put the happiness of the couple, and the engagement itself, into jeopardy throughout the entire movie.

While the impractical and eccentric requirements of Rev. Frank set the stage for the comedy, the acting and responses of both Krasinski and Williams are what make "License to Wed" absolutely hilarious. Not to mention, the film is directed by Ken Kwapis, who also directs NBC's smash hit, "The Office," a show famous for its wit and dry humor. Three actors from "The Office" also appear in small roles in the movie, providing even more laughs.
This is one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time. The entire theater, young and old, was in hysterics throughout many of the scenes. The writers of the film also succeeded in creating a movie free from the raunchy and inappropriate jokes that plague today's typical comedy. Instead, "License to Wed" is just downright funny, and definitely worth the price of admission.

Jessica Yox will be a senior at Buffalo Academy of the Sacred Heart.


>License to Wed

Review: 3 1/2 stars (out of four)

Rating: PG-13

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