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Does it come with some breath mints?

Fries SAN FRANCISCO -- I couldn't take it anymore. Sit in the stands here at AT&T Park and you don't smell grilled hot dogs or brats like you do in most ballparks. The aroma that wafts all over the place is garlic. Yes, garlic. Gilroy garlic fries are as much a part of this town as chicken wings are in Buffalo or toasted ravioli are in St. Louis.

There's a concession stand right behind the auxiliary media section and I just paid a visit. I pity all of you as I sit here with my garlic fries & cheese/chicken finger combo. Only set me back $9.50. Fair enough. I hear it's pretty warm back home so I can sweat some of this off tomorrow.

Oh yeah, the game. It's still a 1-0 National League lead through two.

---Mike Harrington

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