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Mascot mayhem

SAN FRANCISCO -- Greetings from Section 335 in the left-field upper deck of AT&T Park! After the American Leaguers were done talking to the media, we were herded right over here as batting practice has opened and we're a couple hours away from this year's Home Run Derby. It's sunny and 70-ish right now but the wind is blowing hard out to center and it figures to be a chilly night. Who knew the plug on your laptop could serve as a paperweight?

Moose_2 It's a long elevator ride up once you get through the metal detectors (yep) and get inside the ballpark. I shared it with Western New York native Paul White of USA Today's SportsWeekly -- and several costumed MLB mascots. It was like one of those SportsCenter commercial moments.

The Mariner Moose accidentally hit me in the head with his antlers when he turned (he apologized) while the guy in the Texas Rangers suit (don't know his name) was crabbing about how bad his team was. The guy in the Astros suit was laughing at him. Or maybe that was BJ Birdy from Toronto. Like he's got something to laugh at this season. At least the guy wearing the Nationals getup knew to be quiet.

---Mike Harrington

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