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How do we fix a drab Derby?

SAN FRANCISCO -- Tony Bennett is softly crooning "I Left My Heart in San Francisco" over the PA here as the fans file out of AT&T Park after a rather drab Home Run Derby. It feels like we left three hours in the city by the bay and got few rewards.

I'm betting most of you think deciding homefield advantage in the World Series through the All-Star Game is ridiculous. But what do you think of the derby? Has it gotten stale? Would it have been better had Barry Bonds at least agreed to take one round as an exhibition if he didn't want to do the whole thing?

After all the hype about McCovey Cove -- hey, I was just as guilty as the next guy -- was this just a three-hour waste of time? Not one splashdown!

That's all for tonight. No, I didn't get invited to Barry and Jay-Z's swank party. But I got my ticket for the official MLB soiree on Pier 32 down the street from the ballpark!

---Mike Harrington

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