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Career minded Moore is proud to focus on her film, music work

Mandy Moore arrives with little fanfare at the trendy Shutters on the Beach Hotel to talk about her new movie, "License to Wed." The fresh-faced actress/ singer is dressed in a multicolored sundress. Her raw sienna-colored hair hangs free.

Just one door down from the Shutters, another young actress/singer makes a different appearance at the equally trendy Casa Del Mar Hotel.

A convoy of cars, security guards and some very aggressive paparazzi herald the arrival of Britney Spears. An altercation leads to one member of the Casa Del Mar security staff being on the receiving end of a punch.

Moore, 23, is at the hotel to talk about the movie. The word from the hotel staff is that Spears, 25, just wanted to use the hotel pool.

The two women offer a contrast to what's going on among the younger players in Hollywood. Both make headlines. They are just in the news for different reasons. Spears gets attention for her stormy lifestyle; Moore gets noticed for her acting and singing.

Moore says it really hasn't been that hard to take the path she has followed.

"It is a testament to my family, the way I was raised," the Nashua, N.H., native says. "Not, like, to pat myself on the back, but I feel like innately it is just who I am. I don't really subscribe to the crazy party lifestyle. It is just not who I am.

"I am a little boring and lazy. I take my job seriously. But at the end of the day, I just want to go home and lead a quiet, simple life." Another way Moore keeps a lower profile than some of her peers is that she knows when to talk and when to shut up.

"License to Wed" looks at what a loving couple will go through to be together. As for her own feelings about love and marriage, Moore flashes a coy smile and offers only: "I believe in the institution of marriage. But, I am 23. It is not something that is on the forefront of my mind right now."

Others who hit the showbiz scene at the same time as Moore, such as Lindsay Lohan, for example, are watching their careers be picked apart because of their wellpublicized social lives.

Moore is humble when she talks about her success in films such as "American Dreamz" and "Saved!" or in the music world.

She admits that at times the workload feels overwhelming. She handles it by prioritizing.

She likes acting and singing equally. "License to Wed" opened only days after the release of her new album, "Wild Hope." She wrote most of the music for the album while filming "License to Wed."

"I feel like they are such different creative entities," Moore says. "Being on stage, getting to perform in front of an audience, that connection with an audience is very, very different from film. I feel lucky and fulfilled differently by both."

By the time Moore finishes the chat about the movie, the fracas at the hotel next door has subsided. Spears is off somewhere being chased by paparazzi with security people keeping between her and the media mob. Moore has done a day of interviews for her new movie with no fuss or security clashes. Paparazzi aren't around.

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