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The Buzz

We love this town

The land of the free! Thursday brought Joan Osborne to Lafayette Square, with that nice "Brokedown Palace." (Osborne said someone had requested she not play it. We're dying to know who that was.) Later, Buzz relaxed at OPM, a club on Pearl Street, on the, ahem, patio. OK, it was just a temporary set-up on a parking lot. But they had a great band led by guitarist Billy B playing Louis Jordan jump blues. No cover. Cheap drinks. And with any drink, even pop, you got a free chicken sandwich, burger or hot dog from the grill outside. It was as if they didn't want to make money! We wouldn't bet on the place being open again tonight. But we sure hope it is.


We love this town, 2

Who needs a music festival? Just go to weddings. Buzz hit two last weekend. We couldn't believe our ears. Friday's was at the Unitarian Universalist Church, and we heard their fantastic choir. The Steam Donkeys rocked the reception. Saturday's was at St. Paul's Cathedral, the Choir of Men and Boys sang. At the organ was the great Mark Di- Giampaolo. You felt that Mendelssohn march in your gut. Later, Quartet Classique played Mozart. And the Sid Winkler Trio sounded like a big band with saxophonist Bruce Johnstone, head of jazz at SUNY Fredonia. All this, and champagne, too!


Moe better blues

It's great that National Trust honcho Richard Moe visited Buffalo and praised our Richardson Complex and Darwin Martin House. You've got to wonder, though, what he didn't see. Imagine he passed the wrecking ball hitting the Erlanger Theater. Moe: "What's that noise"? Guides: "Nothing!" They pass the remains of the Balcom-Chandler house. Moe: "What was there?" Buffalonians: "Um..." Say they stumble on Memorial Auditorium. Moe: "Wow! Most cities have done away with their 1930s-era stadiums! What are your plans for this fabulous specimen?" Guides: "Uh..." Finally, what if they did some real offroading, and hit the East Side? Moe: "Urban churches are a top concern of the National Trust. How wonderful you value these treasures." Guides: "Hoo-boy..."


German for dummies

Buzz took German at UB, so we can decipher German spam about Viagra. Gentlemen, these phrases could help you pick up Frauen on your next jaunt to Munich. "Sie haelt mich fuer einen Sex-Gott." (She takes me for a sex god.) "Viagra hat mich bei ihr zur Legende gemacht!!" (Viagra has turned me into a legend to her!!) And finally: "Man lebt nur einmal." (You only live once.) Useful in all situations.


The buzz

Sure, they were hired guns. But couldn't Chris Drury and Danny Briere at least give us a backward glance? Nothing like hearing, "Drury says he's glad to be a Ranger." ... Ice Man, the legendary bouncer at Sub Zero on Chippewa, is holding a benefit for his colleague Elmore. Elmore - he's the gentle giant with a shaved head and a big nose ring - is seriously ill. "He's an icon," says Ice Man. Show your support at 4 p.m. Sunday at Sub Zero. Tickets are $25 at the door and cover pizza, wings, burgers, a pig roast, beer, wine, etc.



"Your tolls at work."

- Construction sign advising caution as Breckenridge toll barriers came down


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