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Excerpts from reader commentary on News staffers' recent online blog postings. Online comments come from registered users, but -- unlike reviewed and verified Everybody's Column letters -- can be posted under pen names.

Sabres Edge: Tim Graham's blog on the Sabres' draft picks drew this response from LT:

Why is it always the same for Buffalo sports -- (except for the Super Bowl years ) The Bills and Sabres are just good, competitive etc. We never have a team that simply kicks butt for just one year -- except for the 1990 Bills -- and wide right still upsets me.

Spend the money or sell the Sabres -- as far as the Bills their days are numbered in Buffalo -- God Bless Ralph Wilson but when he is gone so is the team.

I'm sick of AVERAGE!


Inside the News: A news blog posting by Jay Tokasz on the closing of 14 Catholic Schools drew an emotional response. To all the criticisms, A BUFFALO CATHOLIC had this to say:

Stop the whining! Everyone is blaming the bishop for a very painful and very much anticipated decision. . . . He has the unfortunate task of cleaning up and mending loose ends that were unraveling before he got here. Instead of pointing the finger at the bishop, pray for him! I am sure he doesn't like this anymore than you. . . .


Miers on Music by Jeff Miers: On the topic of listening to music at Lafayette Square, bloggers had much to say, including a comment by Mark:

Certainly the square is a social event, but I think that there should be a wider area of sound coverage. . . . When Pat Benetar drew a large crowd for her last appearance, it was difficult to hear her and I had to make my way toward the statue. It was worth it, but I couldn't stay there for long! While I have no idea how it can be done, an expanded listening area would help bolster the opinion of the program. Attendance could wane if word of mouth arond town is that you can never hear the band.


Parent Company: In "Highway Tragedy," Greg Connors blogged on the death of five Fairport High graduates. Tracy A. had this to share:

May GOD-BLESS all five promising young women that lost their lives to this tragedy! I might not know these people, but I am giving my condolences to the families, friends, FHS-Students, and the communities that are feeling the grief!

Notre Dame Dad added this:

My heart is so heavy & I can't express my sorrow. I saw the Fairport cheer squad perform many times and they're the best. Will pray for all the families & students to find a way through this impossible time.


Matters of Opinion: Deputy Editorial Page Editor Kevin Walter's blog on his health insurance series drew this response from Nicole T.:

If tax payers are paying for the war in Iraq, then there should be a way for health care for everyone.

In New York State, the primary reason why people apply for welfare assistance is for health coverage. People who qualify usually have to work part-time, or have children. I think people would work as much as they could if they didn't have to worry about making too much money in their pay check to keep their health coverage. . . .

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