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30 NCCC administrators given raises

Niagara County Community College's 30 administrators, including President James P. Klyczek, were given 3.75 percent across-the-board raises Wednesday by the college board of trustees.

Bill Schickling, the college vice president of finance, said the raises represent about a $70,000 increase in spending for the 2007-08 school year. The pay hikes become effective Sept. 1.

College officials said staff members were compiling a list of administrators with the salaries they made this year compared with what they will make next year. That breakdown was not available at Wednesday's board meeting.

Klyczek said he would receive the same percentage pay increase as the rest of the college's administrative staff. He said his salary was $140,000 this year. When taking the raise into account, he should receive a $5,000 raise or a $145,250 salary during the next school year.

On another personnel matter, Klyczek said college officials are trying to negotiate labor contracts with the school's teacher, blue collar and white collar unions.

In other business, the board also approved a resolution to help the Student Housing Village Corp. -- the not-for-profit entity NCCC set up to construct a 308-bed, on-campus student housing development -- get the Niagara County Industrial Development Agency to issue $20 million in tax-exempt, civic facility revenue bonds to pay for the proposed facility.

The board voted to promote the new facility and not support any competitive housing projects that might surface and compete with it for student business. The board resolved that "NCCC execute and deliver an affiliation agreement with Student Housing Village Corporation . . . to which NCCC shall agree not to operate or support any additional student housing other than" the corporation's project.

Klyczek said the board needed to do that so the IDA would feel justified in issuing the tax-exempt bonds. The IDA also can grant the project exemptions from mortgage recording taxes and sales taxes for construction materials, which will cut costs.

Construction will begin as soon as the money is available from the bond sale, which Klyczek said he expects to occur sometime this summer. The facility will be located on 12 acres at the northeast end of the campus.

Also, the board bade farewell to student trustee Linda Barksdale who served at her last official board meeting this year. The meeting was attended by Settimia M. Tripi, 19, who was elected by her classmates to replace Barksdale on the board for the 2007-08 school year.


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