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Sleuth with Nancy

Surely a testament to the growing popularity of everyone's favorite 1930s sleuth, the Nancy Drew computer games by Her Interactive are anything but old-fashioned.

Her Interactive has continued to impress gamers with beautiful graphics, exciting plot twists and realistic characters ever since the release of "Secrets Can Kill," the first in a series of mystery games designed for all ages. The games, which the experienced gamer can typically solve in a few days, have become so popular that a 16th adventure, "The White Wolf of Icicle Creek," is now available.

This time, Nancy travels to the Canadian Rockies to investigate a series of accidents and a mischievous wolf at Icicle Creek Lodge. Players see the world through Nancy's eyes, have conversations with eccentric suspects and truly feel a sense of peril. The plots are complex yet focused, and the puzzles really exercise your brain. Nancy journeys to many places such as a royal tower once home to Marie Antoinette in "Treasure in the Royal Tower", to Paris to work with a fashion designer in "Danger by Design", to a movie studio swarming with famous actors in "Stay Tuned for Danger", and even back to the past in "Secret of the Old Clock." Players may play the junior level, which provides hints on what to do next, or the more challenging senior level. Strategies are available on Her Interactive's Web site, or players may have fun trying to decipher the mystery by themselves.

Allison Eck will be a senior at Clarence.

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