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Cathedral Park repairs planned

Cathedral Park is a tiny jewel tucked away in downtown Buffalo.

Located on Franklin Street near West Swan Street, the public space is small but filled with trees, grass, benches and a working fountain.

Unfortunately, the park has seen better days, and one reader contacted Fix It to complain.

"It is completely overgrown with weeds and broken branches," Mark Kahabka said in an e-mail to The Buffalo News. "All the brickwork on the sidewalks has grass growing through the cracks. I'm just wondering why the city is so remiss at keeping it up."

After a few bureaucratic twists and turns that took us from City Hall to County Hall and back again, we wound up talking to someone in the mayor's office.

Within a matter of hours, Oswaldo Mestre, the city's director of citizen services, called and said the park would be checked out immediately. He added that even if the city was not responsible for the park, workers would take care of it.

"That's the purpose of a quick response team," he said. "Every little thing like that makes a difference. It's all about quality of life."

Mestre said that even though summer is a busy time of year, the park would be put on the city's scheduled rotation.

"We'll take care of it," he said.

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