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Eager beavers rebuild dam after removal

A colony of beavers is living up to the animal's reputation for industriousness by rebuilding a dam in Hanford Bay.

At Monday's meeting of the Hanover Town Board, Highway Superintendent Steve D'Angelo reported that a trapper had removed two beavers from their home near Moran Road. The dam that blocked the culvert near the road then was torn down.

But Hanford Bay residents say at least one beaver remains and the dam nearly has been rebuilt.

"They are fun to watch," one resident reported.

D'Angelo said trapping will resume in able to relocate the beavers to an area where they will not cause flooding of the roadway.

Before the meeting, the town unveiled its new incident command vehicle.

Volunteers were praised for the hours logged to convert the former school vehicle into a command post for emergencies throughout the town.

The project was undertaken by Highway Department members, including D'Angelo, chief of the Hanover Center Fire Department.

Sunset Bay residents urged the board to consider purchasing the beachfront area formerly known as the Sunset Bay Beach Club.

They said a municipally owned beach would add to the small-town beach park in the bay area and give more residents access to the waterfront.

Supervisor Kathy Tampio noted a need for lifeguards for the beach this summer and asked that qualified individuals apply.

Chautauqua County Legislator David Wilder, D-Silver Creek, reported that he expected the Legislature to vote today today to lower the sales tax rate in the county to 7.75 percent from 8 percent.

The change then would go to the state for review.

Wilder also predicted that the county would repeal its tax on home energy expenditures.

The Legislature, he said, had called today's special meeting to deal with tax issues.

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