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>Six arrested in crackdown on impaired driving

ST. CATHARINES, Ont. -- Niagara Regional Police made six arrests for alcohol-related driving offenses Saturday in a continuing campaign to crack down on impaired drivers.

The program stops vehicles at checkpoints to determine whether drivers may be impaired. Drivers who have been drinking may be issued 12-hour license suspensions or arrested on drinking and driving-related offenses.

In this instance, officials stopped about 700 vehicles in Niagara Falls. In addition to the six alcohol-related arrests, officials announced eight 12-hour driving suspensions, two drug-related arrests and the issuance of eight notices for various traffic infractions.


>Customs agents arrest man with 7 pounds of pot

NIAGARA FALLS -- Alerted to the presence of narcotics by a drug-sniffing K-9 dog, U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents arrested a city man early Sunday as he attempted to bring seven pounds of marijuana into the country.

Glenn G. Bartlett, 46, of Fifth Street, was pulled over for a secondary inspection at 10:30 p.m. Saturday by Customs officers on the Rainbow Bridge. Police said that a subsequent search of his car uncovered 14 vacuum-sealed bags of pot.

Officer Kristina Zell and Detective Thomas Fournier responded to the scene and charged Bartlett with second-degree criminal possession of marijuana.


>Police charge Falls man with drug possession

NIAGARA FALLS -- Responding to a report of a man with a gun, police stopped a man late Saturday and charged him with a felony drug offense.

Dmitri L. Traylor, 20, of Linwood Avenue, was stopped by police just after 10 p.m. after they went to the 900 block of Niagara Avenue to check out the gun complaint. Officers said Traylor threw down an object and tried to leave the area.

Police found a cigar tube containing 2.4 grams of crack cocaine and charged Traylor with fifth-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and attempted third-degree possession.


>Two cars broken into, purses stolen

TOWN OF LOCKPORT -- Two vehicles were broken into Saturday night in the parking lot of Ray Lee Stadium on Lincoln Avenue, police said.

A Lockport woman reported that her car window was smashed and her purse was taken. It contained an iPod, prescription glasses and personal effects with a value of $489.

A North Transit Street woman also reported a window broken on her car. Her purse, which contained several credit cards, was taken.


>Attempt to destroy car foiled by poor trajectory

NIAGARA FALLS -- A Sunday morning attempt to destroy a 69th Street man's car resulted only in a scorched driveway, police reported.

Someone threw an apparent incendiary device at the 2007 Pontiac parked in the victim's driveway, but it bounced harmlessly off and instead ignited on the driveway, leaving a burn mark. Police said the car was not damaged.


>Car vandalized in Falls twice in three months

NIAGARA FALLS -- Police said that a 92nd Street man's car was vandalized Saturday for the second time this year.

Someone stole the $200 compact disc player from the car Saturday, police said. About three months ago, someone keyed the 2005 Pontiac and broke the shifter and a mirror. The vandalism caused an estimated $2,300 worth of damage.

Police said that three teens are suspected of committing the first incident and a city man is under suspicion for the latest. The victim was advised to obtain arrest warrants.

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