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Excerpts from reader commentary on News staffers' recent online blog postings. Online comments come from registered users, but -- unlike reviewed and verified Everybody's Column letters -- can be posted under pen names.

>Sabres Edge: In a response to Tim Graham's blog on the NHL Central Scouting combine and off-season contract negotiations, Dave P. posted this:

Owning an NHL franchise is not a money making opportunity. Owners can only hope to not lose several million dollars a year. If you have Tom Golisano's billions how can you not spend to the cap. This Sabres team is almost guaranteed to at least break even financially for the next several years. What is the point in owning a team if you're not going to go for the cup every year.


>Twentysomething in Buffalo: Heather McCarthy's "What to do . . ." blog feature focused on activities 20-somethings, with yellowpike offering this suggestion:

A trip to Zoar Valley is always a great day trip. Located just outside of Gowanda are the Valintine Flats & the Deer Lick Natural Area. Some of the most beautiful and rugged scenery in WNY can be found here. While not for the faint of heart, a hike along the Cattaraugus, which flows through the area is well worth the effort.


>Inside the News: Bill Michelmore's blog, "Do Jet Boats belong on the Niagara River?" drew quite a heated debate. Duncan -- River Resident had this to say:

I own over eight acres on a point of the Niagara River and the Jet Boats are a CONSTANT nightmare. I hear the amplified megaphones from more than a mile downriver and two miles upriver. Imagine listening to an amateur rock concert MC ("The Captain wants you to scream if you want to get wet!") for several minutes -- 40 to 50 times a day. Nowhere on my almost nine acres is the noise not thunderous and an extraordinary nuisance. . . .

KM added this:

I'm totally in favor of keeping this attraction. It's something we take or recommend to every visitor we have to this area.


>Matters of Opinion: Editorial Writer George Pyle's blog about the questionable connections between lenders and colleges recommending sources of student loans drew this response from greenfields:

There are always dishonest people out there, but the shameful thing are the employees at these colleges supposedly there to help the students but taking money under the table to help themselves. There needs to be more regulation in the student loan industry, esp. since more students are taking out more expensive loans. . . .


>Buffalo Nation: Charles Anzalone's blog about the festival scene in Western New York and a story by News staff reporter Andrew Galarneau brought this from left-coast griff:

The Kiwanis Chicken Barbeque at Hamlin Park and the Reunion Weekend beer blast at Firemen's Field are definitely two highlights for natives/ex-pats of East Aurora.

Reunion Weekend is a great concept that I'm surprised hasn't been adopted by more small towns because you can see everyone, not just the graduates of your particular high school class.

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