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Tell me A little Q&A

Michelle Branch, you might want to pack up your act now. Or at the very least ask Kate Voegele to be a part of it.

Set to perform with Teddy Geiger in the Tralf, 622 Main St., at 7 p.m. Sunday, the 20-year-old Voegele is quickly proving she can hold her own on stage. She has performed with notable names such as Dave Matthews, John Mayer and Aimee Mann, but she has shown that she doesn't really need their help getting her voice heard.

Since signing with MySpace records (a partnership with Interscope), Voegele has released "Don't Look Away," a collaboration with producer Marshall Altman (Matt Nathanson). She recently put down her guitar and took a few minutes to talk about her hectic life on (and off) the road.

>What's a day in your life like these days?

Basically we wake up at the Red Roof Inn or the Ramada, roll out of bed, shower and pack up all of our 15 suitcases. I'm on the road right now with a guitarist and tour manager. So we hop in the van, but usually we're staying in these weird areas, so we drive for a little bit and try to find some food. When we get to where we're playing, we walk around and explore, get some dinner, go to soundcheck, play the show. We all hang out after, and then start driving to wherever it is we need to be next. It's pretty crazy, but we all have a lot of fun.

>You recently completed your sophomore year at Miami University of Ohio. How is it balancing the music with school?

I'll be taking time off next fall from classes, because I figure I'm releasing this record and I've got to put everything into it and give it 100 percent instead of half of an effort. This past year was really hard, because music has always been my first priority and I knew that going into school. So if I had a tour, or a really important gig, or if I had to do some meetings or make a record, I would always choose that over school and just hope that I didn't miss anything too important. I'll definitely get a degree at some point though.

>What is your songwriting process like? Are you a strictly studio person?

Oh, definitely not. In high school when I wrote a lot of my stuff, I would get ideas at the most inconvenient times, like during a math test. But I tend to write songs over time. It's really rare that I'll just sit down and write a song in like 15 minutes. I'll write a chorus first, but a lot of times I write the melody before the lyrics. It's cool, too, because I can go back to things I've written six months ago and I'm like, "OK, now I'm ready to finish this." But if it's not the time, it's not the time. It's like if I can't deliver the exact lyrics, I don't want to finish something just to finish it.

-- Molly Hirschbeck

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