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Helping man's best friend

If you see a dog in a car on a hot day, what can you do?

*Watch the dog to see if it's in distress, which is manifested by excessive panting, with deep red or purple tongue extended, and possibly excessive salivation.

*The dog may be dazed, have glazed eyes and seem restless and uncoordinated, although in later stages it may be lethargic, weak or even unconscious.

*If the animal is in severe distress, get help right away.

*If it's clear what store the parking serves, you could write down the license number, go into the store and ask someone to make an announcement that a dog in a car is in distress. (Some local stores refuse to do this.)

*Write down the license number and call the local SPCA or police department, which will then contact the SPCA. If the driver leaves before the police arrive, the SPCA can still follow up and contact the person.

SPCA numbers:

Northtowns, 875-7360.

Southtowns, 549-5300.

Emergency line for after hours and on Sundays, 827-1609.

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