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Driving 'adventure' awaits county action

They've waited long enough.

That's the message from a number of residents who say a road in the Village of Springville is in dire need of repair.

"Mill Street in Springville has been neglected for far too long," Steve Krezmien said in an e-mail to Fix It.

He said the "washboard areas" in the village section of the road make it difficult for two-way traffic.

He also said that the section just past the village line has potholes the "size of craters" on both shoulders and that when a driver breaks the top of the hill heading down to Cattaraugus Creek, "the adventure really begins."

Krezmien added that the drop and a washout area near the bottom "make traveling this road a daily challenge."

"Now throw in a vehicle coming the other way or deer congregating in the middle or a little snow, and you still don't really realize the dangers of this road until you drive up and down it," he said.

Since Mill Street is a county road, Fix It contacted Erie County Deputy Highway Commissioner Gerard J. Sentz.

"We're well aware of Mill Street," Sentz said Friday, adding that it is on the draft capital project list for this year, but the department is waiting for funding to come through from the County Legislature.

The problem is, it may be a while before drivers see any improvement.

"We need to get the money approved before we can start any work," Sentz said.

While he is hopeful that the road will get fixed this year, additional approvals are required for the project because of the state-appointed control board that oversees county finances. "We're hoping to get it fixed this year, based on approval of the funds," Sentz said.

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