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MOVIES: Opening Friday, "The Invisible" (PG-13, thriller), "Kickin' It Old School," (PG-13 comedy starring Jamie Kennedy) and "Next" (PG-13, thriller starring Nicolas Cage as a magician who can see a few minutes into the future); May 4, "Lucky You" (PG-13, Eric Bana and Drew Barrymore); May 18, "Shrek 3"; May 25, "Pirates of the Caribbean: at World's End" (PG-13); June 15, "Nancy Drew; July 13, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix."

VIDEO/DVD: Arrived Tuesday, "Code Name: The Cleaner," "Deja Vu" "Night at the Museum" and "The Queen"; May 11, "Dreamgirls"; April 8, "Because I Said So", "Catch & Release", "Miss Potter" and "The Painted Veil."

CONCERTS: Saturday, Xtreme Wheels on Hertel, Aveley, The David Fultz Massacre, Shot Me A Mallard.

May 28, Fallout Boy, Darien Lake Theme Park.

POETRY BASH: Poet Sonia Sanchez will be the featured guest at this year's Buffalo/Williamsville Poetry, Music, Dance Celebration at 7 p.m. Thursday at Kleinhans Music Hall. The program, sponsored by Just Buffalo Literary Center, brings together musicians from the community and student and faculty performers from 10 Williamsville schools and 24 Buffalo schools. It's free and open to the public.



Looking for a good book? The shortlist for this year's Carnegie Medal, Britain's equivalent of the Newbery or Michael Printz award, has been announced. Librarians pick the winner: The six are: Kevin Brooks, "The Road of the Dead"; Siobhan Dowd, "A Swift Pure Cry"; Anne Fine, "The Road of Bones"; Meg Rosoff, "Just In Case"; Marcus Sedgwick, "My Swordhand Is Singing" and Ally Kennen, for debut novel, "Beast."

The Carnegie, which marks its 70th year this year, listed the top 10 favorite past medal-winners; the public will vote on the favorite: "Storm" by Kevin Crossley-Holland; "A Gathering Light" by Jennifer Donnelly; "The Owl Service" by Alan Garner; "The Family From One End Street" by Eve Garnett; "The Borrowers" by Mary Norton; "Tom's Midnight Garden" by Philippa Pearce; "Northern Lights" by Philip Pullman; "The Machine-Gunners by Robert Westall"; "Skellig" by David Almond; "Junk" by Melvin Burgess.



In this increasingly computerized world, we hold these truths to be self-evident: People like playing video games and they like meeting other people. Kongregate ( brings these two things together to create an entertaining experience for gamers of all stripes.

Here's how Kongregate works: First, developers upload their original Flash games to the site. Kongregate members then play the games, rating them and offering feedback just like site members can do to videos uploaded on YouTube ( Once you join the site, you can participate in its points system, which rewards users for their social contributions to the site. (Rating a game earns members five points while uploading a game earns 75 points; the site promises that members will be able to redeem these points for prizes at a later date.) Kongregate also sponsors challenges, like collecting special coins hidden in various games, which unlock cards to be used in an upcoming collectible card game on the site -- almost like a digital version of Pokemon. Membership also means access to the site's chat rooms, which open up in a window right next to the game you select to play. There are also forums where you can meet other members and discuss topics that you care about. The highest rated games are featured on the site's front page, organized by category.

-- Eric Goodwin, McClatchy-Tribune News Service



Whether you've snagged your perfect dress for prom -- and either kept or blown your budget -- you don't have to worry about your makeup costing as much as your outfit.

N.Y.C. is ready to primp for prom. Their Prom Beach Collection features warm neutral colors, good for any skin tone, to give you a sun-kissed glow on your special night. And everything in the line is $2.99 each (except for the Eyeshadow Quad, which is only a buck more). Start with the Beach Glow Duo Face Illuminator, a lightweight cream that helps hide any last-minute skin issues. Then apply the Cheek2Cheek Bronzer (which comes with two powder shades to blend as necessary) to accentuate your bone structure. Line your eyes with the Double Eyeliner Duet (choose Bronzette) and use the Eyeshadow Quad (pick from Sand Bar and Sand Castle) to bring the focus to your eyes.

N.Y.C. gives instructions on how to apply the eye shadow: Dark crease shades should be "winged and blended into a retro 'V' shape" at the outer corner of the eye, the metallic shade should "softly encircle" the eye and the highlighter goes right across your brow bone. Finish off the look with the Luxury Lip Color in Bronzeberry and top with gloss for extra shine.

You can find N.Y.C. products at chain drugstores and retail stores like Target.



"I'm just not into the Hollywood scenester thing. I (don't like) swimming in the same bowl."

-- Amber Tamblyn, on why she doesn't like the party scene, in People magazine.

-- McClatchy-Tribune Information Services

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