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Get fit and go healthy

Nickelodeon's second season of a documentary show, "Let's Just Play Go Healthy Challenge" (airing at 8:30 p.m. Sunday), places the spotlight on health with two new challengers, 12-year olds Kenderick and April.

Created to motivate children to become healthy young adults, "Let's Just Play Go Healthy Challenge" is a partnership with the Alliance for a Healthier Generation, the William J. Clinton Foundation and Nickelodeon.

Getting children to get active is the main goal of the show.

The coaches for the challengers are both inspiring and helpful. They give the challengers great advice which helps them to set goals for their health.

One of the main tips from the show is to start out the day by eating the right thing, breakfast. April's coach, Lisa Reed, advises eating a good healthy breakfast, like a cereal bar or fruit.

This tip goes hand in hand with what Coach David Bazzel, Kenderick's coach, says about eating in moderation. Bazzel suggests eating only in the kitchen so that you can leave the spot of enticement and won't overeat. Bazzel also advises drinking a glass of water after every can of soda, and doing sit-ups, crunches and jumping jacks during commercials on TV.

Becoming active, doing things like walking for 30 minutes a day three to four times a week can add hours onto your life.

It also keeps family illnesses like heart complications, diabetes and obesity away.

Just because you don't have a coach doesn't mean you can't get fit.
Family and friends can all support your efforts, or you can take the challenge together.

Another big topic of the first episode of the second season of Go Healthy Challenge is motivation and support. That is where having support comes in handy. People to tell you to hold off on the candy, like friends, teachers and family, along with your own dedication, are your most important and strongest weapons.

While becoming a healthier person is an incredible goal, it is something that has to be achieved slowly.

Nickelodeon wants to help. Starting Sunday, will open up a site to help you track your progress like the challengers. So go to Sunday to download your own fitness materials and GET HEALTHY!!!!

LeShante Garris is a sophomore at City Honors.

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