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Disappointed by 'In the Land of Women'

From the trailer and poster, "In the Land of Women" just looks like your typical chick flick. It has all the elements of a chick flick: heartbreak, deception, loss, and of course, kissing scenes. But after seeing the movie, you realize that "In the Land of Women" is not really a chick flick at all.

When Carter Webb (Adam Brody), a television writer living in L.A., gets dumped by his famous actress girlfriend, he is heartbroken. To deal with his sadness, Carter travels to Detroit to visit his grandmother and sort out his feelings. There he meets the Hardwickes from the house across the street. The two women of the family, Sarah (Meg Ryan) and Lucy (Kristen Stewart), befriend him and help him learn about himself and his life. In return, he does the same for them.

The advertisements for this movie are not true to the actual story. They portray "In the Land of Women" as being a routine love story when in fact, it is not. It is a story about life and growing as a person. The trailer is geared more toward Adam Brody's "O.C." fan base, who will most likely enjoy the movie but may be a little disappointed.

While being very true to real life, "In the Land of Women" falls short of great entertainment. The storyline is original, but fast-moving and a bit odd at times. Brody's character quickly meets the Hardwicke women, quickly falls in love with them, and then even more quickly moves on, leaving the audience wondering what went wrong.

Ryan is brilliant as usual and gives a terrific performance as the lonely and trapped housewife. Brody plays Carter very honestly and well. You can see his character grow throughout the course of the film. Stewart portrays her character as a normal teen with normal teen problems the audience can relate to.

This movie had the potential to be a great film. The cast is excellent and the premise of the story is interesting. But the plot just seemed to have something missing. "In the Land of Women" is enjoyable and good -- just not good enough.

Maria Materise is a sophomore at Clarence.



2 1/2 stars (out of 4)


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