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Replacement of bumpy crossing is on track

bigcap,3,mdl L Life is full of bumpy roads.

Add uneven railroad crossings to the mix, and you have one challenging ride.

That's why a number of Fix It readers in the Southtowns contacted The News for help with a railroad crossing they felt was in need of serious repair, or even replacement.

"The Buffalo Southern Railroad, which divides Lake View Road and Evans Street in the Town of Hamburg, is in serious bad shape," Douglas Allen, one of Fix It's readers, said in an e-mail. "I had to swerve to avoid the big bumps that accompany this railroad crossing."

Allen said he has seen crews "putting a little asphalt down," but, he added, that doesn't solve the problem.

"This has been like this for many years, and I would like to see that it gets fixed," Allen said.

The good news, according to an official with the Buffalo Southern Railroad, is that it will be fixed.

"The crossing will be redone this summer," said the railroad official, who asked that his name not be used.

"Shortly after the [Erie County] Fair, but before school starts, there should be a new crossing," he said by phone Friday.

The official said that the railroad has been receiving complaints about that particular crossing, which is about 20 years old. He explained that much of the damage is caused by heavy traffic, including snowplows that are housed nearby in both county and state barns.

"The road traffic is what does the damage, not the train going through it," he said, noting that the crossing is considered a low density line, with trains coming through only "several times a week."

Fix It has tackled everything from faulty roads to poor street lighting to broken public drinking fountains. Readers may submit potential items three ways: by writing to Fix It, c/o The Buffalo News, One News Plaza, Buffalo, NY 14203; by e-mail at; or by calling the Fix It voice mail line at 849-6026. Fix It considers every suggestion received, but is not able to respond to everyone who sent them in.

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