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UPS will pay the claim for reader's broken dishes

Q: I mailed two packages with several dishes on Jan. 19 from the UPS store at 9648 Transit Road, Suite 700, in East Amherst. I have all the original papers with the tracking number.

When I mailed the packages, I specifically asked the person working to check them to verify that the boxes were packed well enough so that no damage would occur. I was assured that the boxes were packed well enough for shipping. I even purchased extra insurance to cover the contents of the packages.

Damage to five pieces occurred during transit. The replacement cost of the dishes is $73.94, plus $31.13 for shipping charges. The person who received the packages in the mail contacted UPS and was given a damage call tag and filed a claim.

The UPS store in question is now closed, so I have not received a claim for the damaged items. I faxed all the information to corporate customer service. After many calls to UPS corporate customer service, I was told they would not pay a claim.

I find this response unacceptable.

-- Joely Vain, East Amherst

A: The mystery of the broken dishes remains unsolved, but at least the UPS Store corporate office intends to reimburse you.

"We are going to take care of that $105.07 for Joely," said Becca Andrews, a UPS Store spokesperson based in San Diego. Andrews called you Thursday and offered to rectify the matter.

"She's been very patient and has waited long enough," she said. "We are taking care of her."

You verified that UPS said it would process your claim and apologized for how long it took to resolve it. "I am glad that UPS is covering the claim, but still find it disheartening that customer service was so uncooperative. It would be nice if the UPS customer service would treat their everyday customers the way public relations worked so effectively with you," Vain wrote in an e-mail to NewsPower.

Andrews told NewsPower that they will send you a form that you need to sign and return to them for claim processing. Once that is completed and back in their hands, Andrews said, the UPS Store will send you a check for the full amount.

In the meantime, the UPS Store said it will continue investigating whatever happened to those five damaged pieces and will continue to keep in touch with you as its review continues.

It appears that your problem got bogged down within that specific store's closing. "I think the circumstances of the store closing" contributed, Andrews said.

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