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Letters / Our readers speak out

>Saban, Gilchrist deserve Wall honor

There's very little on the Wall of Fame that reminds us of the good old AFL, and what the AFL did for Buffalo Bills football. We need to remind the public of the sacrifice that was made and the great people who helped make it happen. We could put all the names of the men who were on the 1964 and 1965 teams on the wall. But we know we can't do that. What we could do is honor two men from that time period, who as of now aren't on the Wall of Fame. I'm talking about Lou Saban and Cookie Gilchrist (very sick). There is so little time left to make this happen, we want to be first class, so let's be first class, let's do what's right!

I would love to see Lou and Cookie walk out onto the field one more time and say goodbye to the 12th man, as their names are revealed hanging on the Wall of Fame, all on the same afternoon. Amen.

John W. Parker, Jr.



>Poor Olympic team not DiPietro's fault

This letter is in regards to Jerry Sullivan's column on the return of Rick DiPietro. Just for the record, in Rick DiPietro's "dreadful" 2006 Olympics, he posted a 2.28 goals against average.

Just because the rest of his team stunk up the joint doesn't make his 1-3 record his fault. He was the best player on the team. But why let facts get in the way of a good hatchet job story right?

Get over the fact that Ryan Miller wasn't selected. You certainly have the better team, but we have the better goalie.

Sean King



>Nolan deserves apology from Sabres

It has been 10 years since Ted Nolan left Buffalo as the most popular coach in Sabres history. I think Lindy Ruff has earned that honor now, but many of the new, young Sabres fans of 2007 don't know how present Sabres management were part of the Nolan lynching that kept him blackballed from the NHL for 10 years.

Larry Quinn owes Ted Nolan a sincere apology for his actions in 1997, along with his hangman Darcy Regier. The Sabres will most likely beat the New York Islanders in the playoffs, but deep down inside many of us are quietly rooting for Ted Nolan's team.

Jeff Cooke


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