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Signs of the hockey times

Check out these examples of women making their hockey presence known:

*An online hockey blog, "Hockey's Ladies of Greatness" (, devotes itself to puck chatter among women fans of professional hockey teams (including Heather and Paige, who write about The Buffalo Sabres).

*In February, the Washington Capitals launched Hockey 'N Heels, an event that gave women an inside look at the world of hockey through locker room tours, in-depth instruction on the basic rules of the game and stories from players and their wives, fiancees and girlfriends.

*Since when is pink a league color? In 2006, the National Hockey League enlisted Reebok to produce pink "female-friendly" jerseys representing each of the league's 30 teams. No blue allowed. Reception? Icy.

*According to the National Hockey League, 42 percent to 45 percent of fans attending games are female.

*In 1997, 73 percent of all sports apparel purchases were made by women. Broken down into categories, women bought 94 percent of all women's sports apparel, 89 percent of children's, and 45 percent of men's (Sports Apparel Products Council, 1998).

-- Jane Kwiatkowski

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