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It seems to us . . . Bleeding for the good ol' USA, a sails tack and cartoon news

TAX WEEK HUMOR: OK, we're sure he's a good choice and an excellent manager and all that, but can we possibly be the only ones who snorted when we saw this week's announcement that Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Mark Everson will be leaving the federal blood-sucking agency in a few days to become president and CEO of the American Red Cross?

One of his first challenges will be to straighten out a flawed blood distribution system. Now there's a career change!


NOTE TO THE HARBOR DEBATERS: When and if you ever get tired of discussing the lure of Bass Pro, you may want to consider this: It's not too early to actually start planning events for Buffalo's new harbor entertainment zone, whatever it looks like.

Case in point: The hugely crowd-pleasing Tall Ships Challenge, a race and festival event featuring ships of the era that made this port famous, returns to the Great Lakes in 2010. The last time this event was in the lakes it focused on four ports (Cleveland was the closest) and drew more than 20 ships from schooners to square-riggers. Buffalo probably won't yet have its own tall ships (a lot of other Great Lakes ports do), but it could host a festival and race start -- assuming, of course, the Erie Canal Harbor actually is done by then.


WINNIE THE TERRORIST: The post office in Wright City, Mo., was evacuated and the bomb squad was called when a man picking up a package noticed it was ticking. Ominously.

Turned out the novelty Winnie-the-Pooh phone he had ordered came with an unexpected feature -- an incoming call makes Winnie's head spin. And it was spinning, inside the packaging. So everyone ran for the hills.

Luckily, it all got sorted out before the terrorists won. As Eeyore might have said -- thanks for noticing.


FEELING OLD: Speaking of characters, Daffy Duck turned 70 last Tuesday. That's not just wrong. It's dethpicable.

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