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The Buzz

>We got game

You know the Sabres have eaten our lives when an ad for the Buffalo Philharmonic shows Music Director JoAnn Falletta brandishing a hockey stick. Also, when the orchestra hypes Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana" by offering Sabres fans $5 discounts for the April 28-29 performances and pointing out that "O Fortuna," one excerpt, is heard at Sabres games as the leitmotif (we like how they use that Wagnerian term) for a power play. Scooore! Even Classical WNED-FM got into the act. They played Aram Khachaturian's frenetic "Sabre Dance," making Buzz think all over again what a great, warlike anthem that is, and how lucky we are to have it instead of some stupid trash piece. Afterward, the announcer said soberly, "Go, Sabres."


>To die for

Let's hear it for silent auctions! At The Kavinoky Theatre's fundraiser Saturday at the Asbury Church, quite a spread greeted us. Buzz was paging covetously through a 1901 Roycroft craftsman's book on Beethoven when -- sorry, Ludwig -- we were seduced away by a true sight for sore eyes, a Forest Lawn Gift Package. What a prize! It was a big basket containing everything Forest Lawn except, at least as far as we could see, your own grave. Let's value this package -- History of Forest Lawn: $20. Map of the cemetery, so you can find Red Jacket and Rick James: $10. Being able to send your friends a guilt trip by writing to them on Forest Lawn stationery ... priceless!



Friday, the fifth annual Boom Days festival, gave Buzz an excuse to explore the Petty Officers Club, at the foot of Porter Street. After admiring the building's dignified exterior, we were surprised to find the interior a lowdown barroom, with beer on tap, a band blasting country music and Boom Days organizer, ethanol plant pioneer Rick Smith, happy in the midst of the mayhem. Our kind of scene! While that party was, well, booming, friends who headed later last weekend over to the Youngstown Boom Days installment found no one else there. Folks manning the booths rejoiced to see them, and a reporter chased after them. They were puzzled. But it just goes to show: Boom Days is just like the spring it celebrates. Unpredictable.


>The buzz

The Parkside Association needs more caffeine. A line in its newsletter reads: "Coffee and refreshments will be provoked." Ha ha! Someone, tell the coffee, "You're not so strong." ... We've got those P.C. blues, so it did our heart good on Saturday to hear WBFO-FM's Jim Santella celebrating, as bluesman of the day, Ike Turner. The heck with political correctness. We like Ike! ...

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