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Fenway through the skippers' eyes

   Joe Torre, to "I walk in and the vendors say, 'Hi, Joe. Good luck,' and they mean it. I don't know why they mean it, but they mean it. It's a friendly place to be for me and I enjoy it. But when that game starts, something happens to those people when they come through the turnstiles. They change. Sometimes they forget they won the World Series because they're still angry, but you smile at it."

   Terry Francona, after Thursday's win in Toronto: ""Part of what's good about Fenway is we play so many games that seem big exactly because it's Fenway. So when the Yankees come, it's not as big a deal as people might think. Every game is like a playoff atmosphere there. It's not a big shock when all of a sudden the Yankees come to town and it's full. It's like that every day."

---Mike Harrington

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