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Virginia Tech massacre: Why, America?

For many students in Buffalo, Monday was the first day back from spring break. Friends reunited after the extended time away to share photos and stories.

But many families will never share another happy moment with their loved ones. America's future lay still, silenced by what student reporters at Virginia Tech University risked their lives to get on tape.

There weren't many answers to give the parents heartbroken by the news of 33 dead and more than 50 wounded. Airports were crowded with people going to see their children, brothers, sisters and friends.

While American politicians oppose each other in their debates over the gun laws and statutes, millions of American teens face uncertainty about what used to be the safe haven of schools and colleges.

The future leaders of America are being killed and killing themselves at a higher and more alarming rate that keeps climbing each year. Our generation is crying out for stability. Are you paying attention, America? Or are we so desensitized to death and destruction that is becoming a trend in our schools?

LeShante Garris is a sophomore at City Honors.

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