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MOVIES: Opening Friday, "In the Land of Women" (PG-13, Adam Brody and Kristen Stewart star in romantic drama); April 27, "The Invisible" (PG-13, thriller); May 4, "Spider-Man 3"; June 15, "Nancy Drew; June 29, "The Martian Child"; July 13, "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix."

VIDEO/DVD: Coming Tuesday, "Code Name: The Cleaner," "Deja Vu" "Night at the Museum" and "The Queen"; May 11, "Dreamgirls"; April 8, "Because I Said So", "Catch & Release", "Miss Potter" and "The Painted Veil."

CDS: Arrived Tuesday, Avril Lavigne, "The Best Damn Thing" (RCA); Nine Inch Nails, "Year Zero" (Nothing); Static X, "Cannibal" (Reprise); "The Road Mix: Music From the Television Series One Tree Hill Volume 3" (Maverick/Warner).

CONCERTS: Friday, singer/songwriter Tina Marie Williams, 18, of West Seneca has a CD release concert featuring One Foot in Heaven, at the Tralf. (18 and over show.)

Friday, Xtreme Wheels on Hertel, bands Three Minutes of Hate, From this Day, At No End, The Revisionist End, Canto V.

Saturday, HSBC Arena, John Mayer.

Saturday, Sugarcult With Nightmare of You, Sailing to Rome and Goodbye Houston, Club Infinity.

Saturday, Xtreme Wheels on Hertel, Charles Wants to Kiss You Goodbye, Lost.

May 28, Fallout Boy, Darien Lake.



Singers and bands interested in performing at this summer's Kingdom Bound Christian music festival at Darien Lake Theme Park Resort must now be discovered online rather than in talent search competitions. Go to and click on the Artist Ovation graphic for details. It costs money: "less than $200" to post an original song online for music fans to listen to and rate. The highest-rated artists will win the right to perform during this year's festival Aug. 5 to 8.



"Singstar Rocks!," Sony's new karaoke game for PlayStation 2 ($50) brings the embarrassingly bad singing and good times of karaoke into living rooms across America. SingStar Rocks! karaoke allows people to compete with and against friends, singing to 30 different songs, including classics like Aretha Franklin's "Respect" and Elton John's "Rocket Man" along with more recent songs like Gwen Stefani's "Cool" and Coldplay's "Speed of Sound." (The game allows a shorter version if you don't wish to sing the whole song.)

Song lyrics scroll down the bottom of the screen, with bars on the top telling how long to hold the notes and roughly how high they are. That way you know what notes to sing even if you haven't been trained to read music. Other features also make SingStar more interesting than typical karaoke games. Behind the words and bars, the music video for the song plays. The use of an EyeToy camera is optional, if you want to watch yourself as you sing. Two or more people can compete, making it a fun party game; you are automatically rated on hitting the correct notes as well as timing and volume.

SingStar records you while you sing, and plays it back with optional voice alteration: you can slow down or speed up your voice, as well as make it sound robotic. SingStar Rocks! is a fairly easy setup, coming equipped with two microphones and an instruction booklet. My friends and I really enjoyed this game, and I would recommend it to anyone who loves to sing. Rated E for everyone.

-- Caitie Ostrowski Martin, Nardin



We love sandals. One problem: Our feet generally feel like ice about 10 months out of the year! So in order to get our feet looking presentable for those two months when we can freely wear sandals, we are loving the idea of toeless socks from Foot Petals.

The uber-soft and cushy Sexy Socklettes ($14.95) keep your feet warm while you get or give yourself a pedicure. The bottom of the socklette has nonskid treads to prevent a spill on slippery floors. Look for the Socklette in black, rose or mint at select stores or buy online at



Our Spidey senses tell us you're tingling with anticipation over the new "Spider-Man 3" movie coming out in May. For super fans of Peter Parker, you're going to want to find a 7-Eleven sometime this month to pick up one (or all three) of their collectible 3-D Slurpee cups.

Choose from Spidey himself, who morphs from red to black, Sandman and Venom. Play games, find 7-Eleven locations and check out the cups online at



The annual Stuck at Prom scholarship contest is now under way. Enter your Duck Tape prom outfits though June 8 at for a chance to win a $6,000 scholarship (that's $3,000 each). Check out all the rules, FAQs and photos of past winners on the Web site. Even if you don't enter, you can still participate: June 15-29 there's online voting for the finalists. So make your vote heard -- and good luck entrants!



"I need to buy two pairs -- one to wear and one to put away. But as soon as you take them out of the box, they're no longer perfect, so you need another. I'm kind of a girl that way."

-- John Mayer, on his sneaker collection, in People magazine.

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