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Horse the Band fills the Icon

Opening up last Tuesday's show at the Buffalo Icon was So Many Dynamos. The St. Louis band was very lively and energetic. With catchy songs like "We vibrate, We do" and "Search Party" no one could forget who came out first. The vocalist/keyboardist, Aaron, was very humorous as he made fun of an audience member who was trying to make playfully insulting jokes beginning with "your mom" about the band.

Second was the band Light This City. They are a very rare type of hardcore band because their vocalist/screamer is female. If you were to hear Laura Nicole scream without seeing her, you would have assumed that she was a man, her voice is so deep. Though their vocals and nice melodies complement each other well, I don't see anything special about Light This City but their performance was entertaining enough to keep the room interested.

It was clear that the majority of the people had come to see The Number 12 Looks Like You, when everyone who was standing around socializing moved into the crowd as mosh pits began to form. When their set began, everyone wondered where is Jesse? There are two vocalists, Jesse and Justin, and Jesse was not present. (Justin informed us after the show that Jesse wasn't there for personal family reasons.) This left Justin to sing/scream both of their parts, meaning the Number 12 had to play a shorter set than usual. But even so, the band played an amazing set and the audience was very content.

At around 9:30, Horse the Band came out. They performed songs from both their debut album, "R. Borlax," and sophomore album, "The Mechanical Hand," including "Birdo", "Taken By Vultures", "Cutsman" and "A Million Exploding Suns". Though their vocalist, Nathan, wasn't too energetic, he was very sarcastic and funny as he made jokes and talked to the audience between songs along with keyboardist, Erik, who kept asking the audience to donate money to their drummer Chris because he had recently lost his passport and wallet. We don't know if this was a joke or not, but the audience started throwing dollar bills onto the stage.

Many people crowd-surfed onto the stage and began dancing with the band. The band had an amazingly energetic merch guy named Ed who came on stage to play the triangle and jump around, filling the room with more energy as the crowd pushed harder and formed more mosh pits.

The band stuck around to meet with fans after the show. A security guard kept yelling for everyone to clear out immediately after the show, and he deliberately used his broom to sweep people's feet in order to get them away from the stage as they talked with band members.

So with headaches, sore feet and great memories of meeting talented bands, everyone had a good time at the Icon last Tuesday night.

Marli Lee McGarrah is a sophomore at Buffalo Seminary.

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