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Stop moping! It's just weather Yes, this stretch of frigid, wet, ugly, brutal weather is depressing -- we know, we know! But we choose to look on the "sunny side" of, um... Spring

Is the weather getting to you? Does it seem like the snow, slush, showers, wind, freezing rain are stuck on a "repeat" loop? Turn that frown upside down, Mr. or Mrs. Gloomy!

Here's a few thoughts to help you through the next few days. Sure, Prozac might work better, but we're no doctors! Besides, the pills fall out of the newspaper when we fold it.

So we turned on our sunlamp, "accidentally" knocked our co-worker's Florida snapshots into the trash, and set to work mining the silver lining of this gloomy week:

*There's still no need to take down those Christmas lights.

*Still have a decent excuse for accidentally crashing Dad's SUV.

*Major stocks of beer remain frigid on porch during playoff parties.

*Who cares how much holiday weight you're still packing when that parka still looks so right.

*Swampy backyard so much softer when Junior falls out of treehouse.

*Arguments over whether it makes sense to stay inside on a weekend afternoon watching hockey games short-circuited.

*Continuing snow cover means last autumn's unraked leaves remain our little secret.

*Ugly feet in sandals: Another springtime stunner delayed for the time being.

*You know what really makes you stop and appreciate every breath you manage to take on this Earth? Pneumonia.

*Staying inside catching up with our backlog of DVD watching actually seems like a smart thing to do.

*Mosquitoes must wait another month to feast on our flesh.

*The "April surprise" will be no surprise at all.

-- News staff members -- who are not bitter in the least -- contributed to this report.

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