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Casting call to be held for 'The Real World'

The real world is coming and looking for Buffalo's young adults. Or at least MTV's version of the real world is coming.

The casting directors for "The Real World" will be holding an open casting call for people ages 18 through 24 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday, April 24 for the 20th season of the show that inspired the reality show craze that led to "Survivor," "The Amazing Race" and the soon-to-arrive "The Real Wedding Crashers."

The casting call will be held at The Steer, 3151 Main St. in Buffalo, which is near the University of Buffalo's South Campus. This doesn't necessarily mean that anyone local will join such memorable "Real World" characters as Teck, Pedro and Melissa (to be honest, I only remember them because they were mentioned in a MTV release) by actually making it to the program.

The casting directors are hitting 12 cities in search of seven cast members. You do the math. It means applicants in at least five cities won't make the documentary series, which puts seven strangers together for five months and hopes fireworks erupt.

The location of the 20th edition hasn't been announced, but the show is looking for cast members who "want to pursue [careers] in a major metropolitan city." Among the careers mentioned: acting, modeling, dancing, filmmaking, athletics, music, art, journalism and fashion.

The casting directors ask applicants to bring a recent picture of themselves and a photo ID. If you have a full day of classes or actually have a job in the real world and can't make it, a 5 to 10 minute audition tape should be sent to Real World Casting, Bunim/Murray Productions, 6007 Sepulveda Blvd., Van Nuys, CA 91411.


Adult entertainment?

Of course, you don't have to be young to play the reality game. Richard A. (Rick) Snowden, the 55-year-old adult club owner and family man, is being considered as the subject of a reality show, according to his spokesman, Tony Farina.

Farina said a production company based in California, Cheri Sundae, is exploring the possibility of doing a reality show based on Snowden's family life (he is married and has five young children and lives in a Nottingham Terrace mansion) and career and the characters he has surrounded himself with. Cheri Brownlee, the executive producer of Cheri Sundae, has completed 10 shows for the Travel Channel and was the executive producer of TLC's "Wild Weddings."

"He does not fit the stereotype of an adult club owner," said Farina, "because he's a very bright man and a polished man. My understanding is (the production company) will come here this month. They think there's enough potential here with the complexity of the man and the diversity of his life."

Why would he want to do it? "He's a very outgoing guy," said Farina. "He'd like people to see he's more than just an adult club owner."

In a telephone interview, Brownlee said reports of the reality show are premature. "We have talked to them," she said. "It has certainly gone no farther than that. We've done a little research. It is not very far along. We haven't started pitching it (to a network). Nothing like that." She added it is impossible to know at this point whether a show will materialize. "We'd have to spend some time with him (to determine if there is a show there)," said Brownlee. "You have to know if the first show isn't all there is."


'Lights' a little weak

The season finale of NBC's "Friday Night Lights" had a 6.1 local rating Wednesday. That is higher than the 5s it has been getting here lately and much higher than it does nationally. But it finished third by a slim margin in the time slot locally to "Jericho" on CBS and back-to-back episodes of the Fox comedy, " 'Til Death." NBC is expected to wait until May before deciding whether "Lights" will return for a second season.


Welcome arrival

WIVB-TV has to be celebrating the late April arrival of Buffalo native Jeff Glor to CBS' "The Early Show." After all, CBS' portion of the morning program is third in this market and a local talent could give it a minor boost at least. A graduate of Syracuse University who most recently worked in Boston, Glor has been named national correspondent for CBS' program. The executive who hired him, Steve Friedman, said in a release that Glor "has great potential to become a star."


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