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Wanted: ideas for a 175th year party

The Town of Lancaster will be 175 years old next year. It's a reason to celebrate, but Supervisor Robert Giza is in need of some party ideas.

"You just can't plan these things at the last minute," he said.

So he's been soliciting ideas at the past few Town Board meetings, going so far as to plead with students who have been assigned to report on the board meetings for class.

Giza said he would like the ideas to be family-oriented. And cheap.

The 2008 budget is still a ways off, and no money has yet been earmarked to celebrate the town's 175th anniversary, he said. He would rather be tight on town pride than have events mocked as frivolous.

But few good parties come free of charge.

"Maybe we can bury a [time] capsule in the ground or the building," he said. "That wouldn't cost a lot of money."

Some events will ultimately work their way into the 2008 budget, Giza said, adding that the sooner people agree on what they might like to do next year to celebrate, the sooner he can set the money aside.

Some party ideas Giza is considering include a fireworks display, a family picnic in the park or a special concert.

But he would like to have more ideas to choose from, he said.

"I don't want to spend tons of money," Giza said, "but I think it's worth noting we are 175 years old."

The town was incorporated by the State Legislature in 1833.


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