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The dog question

Our kids have been clamoring for a dog for about two years now. And for the past two years, we’ve responded with “We’ll see.” It’s not that we don’t like dogs. Our first “child” was an SPCA mutt named Spike. Our Christmas cards, in the days before kids, included a picture of Spike sitting with Santa.

But at this point, it seems like we can barely support the humans in our house, let alone adding any fauna to our life. And even though our kids insist they will take care of the dog, we know from experience that it will last for at most three days, then the novelty will wear off and we will be walking, feeding, and scooping.

So the debate and arm-twisting continues. And so far we’ve been successful in keeping any and all pets at bay. Yet it is with some misgivings, since we both grew up with dogs and know how much fun and companionship they can provide. It’s just the idea of another 24/7 obligation that we can't handle.

Then I had an epiphany – fractionals! Perhaps you’ve heard about NetJets and the whole fractional industry - fractional jets, fractional yachts, fractional vacation homes.  It means owning a fraction of something, rather than the whole thing. Why not fractional pets?

The NetJets company promises, “You’ll have a jet ready to take you whenever and wherever you want to go with as little as four hours notice. You’ll have a company committed to making your ownership experience truly superior.” 

How about getting four hours' notice when it's time to walk the dog? That sounds better than a furry creature tracking my every footstep from the moment I drag myself out of bed in the morning. Four hours gives me time to bathe, dress and start filling out the "honey-do" list for my co-blogger. Now THAT would be a truly superior pet ownership experience.

Am I barking up the wrong tree here? If there are pet co-owners out there who want to share their stories, please leave us a comment.


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