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> A dancer's spin

First came the leggings. Then the ballet slippers. America, it appears, is dance-crazed.

Fashion designer Michael Kors, who lives near the Joffrey Ballet School in New York, based his entire spring collection on the way dancers look on the streets, writes Cory Ohlendorf in the Washington Post.

Vera Wang, too, was inspired by the dance world and crafted layered looks from lightweight silk and linen.

"Still, the new twist on the ballet look isn't about fluffy, pastel tutus or tragic, dying swans. It brings sophisticated comfort through volume and layers in smoky grays and neutrals," Ohlendorf adds.

> Sloppy need not apply

InStyle magazine calls it the New Elegance, and it's all about clean lines, soft colors and demure pieces. Here's how to get the look:

* Go for pastels and monotones (no loud colors) and simple tailored silhouettes.

* Invest in classic accessories like a quilted bag and statement jewelry.

* No low-slung jeans, excess cleavage or short tops. Sexy shoes allowed.

* Go for groomed hair, natural makeup.

> See spot run

Stains happen. Jeans fade. Whites gray. But if you want to fight back, try these tips published in the Chicago Tribune:

* To keep designer jeans from fading, wash inside out with a half-cup of salt, once every third washing. And wash jeans only every three wearings. To dry: Air dry the jeans until almost dry, then toss into the dryer for 15 minutes on high to tighten and soften the denim.

* White shirts looking gray? Wait for hot-water wash to get into full motion (6-7 minutes), then add a halfcup of bleach combined with a halfcup of hot water.

* To remove deodorant stains, use a hand steamer. They will evaporate instantly. Or, take a pair of pantyhose ? they work like an eraser ? and rub against the stain.

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