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Vintage WKBW recalled today

As a teenager in Richmond, Va,. during the 1960s, Terry "Motormouth" Young tuned in Buffalo's WKBW-AM most every night.

The signal from the legendary 50,000-watt station was clear as a bell, and listening to Joey Reynolds, Dick Biondi, Danny Neaverth, Jackson Armstrong and Tommy Shannon was like going to disc jockey school, said the XM Satellite Radio deejay.

With archival tapes provided by, a Buffalo Web site devoted to the pioneering rock 'n' roll station, Young will re-create the old KB during "60s on 6," his weekly oldies broadcast from 4 to 9 p.m. today.

The broadcast will be accessible not only to station subscribers, but on the Web at

"It will be KB exactly as it sounded -- a trip back in time," with the same jingles, commercials, promotions and skits, Young said. Only the digital recordings of the '60s tunes will be new.

The station at 1520 on the AM dial "was a major influence on my life. I'm still close friends with Jack Armstrong, who is now in North Carolina," said Young, who became a deejay in Virginia and worked in Philadelphia, New Orleans and Detroit.

XM calls WKBW "one of the most successful and influential radio stations of the era." Owners of the new KB -- now called WWKB -- revived the '60s format in 2004 but later dropped it in favor of talk programming.

Young has been doing the '60s rock broadcasts, featuring a different station each week, since 2004.

"Those stations were always having some kind of contest, but KB always had a personality on the air," from the fast-talking Armstrong to the "totally nuts" Reynolds, he recalled.


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