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Mayor's son 'very sorry' for joy ride Will plead guilty to traffic violations

Mayor Byron W. Brown's son says he is "very sorry" for taking his parents' SUV on his now-infamous Feb. 24 joy ride and that he is owning up to his acts, the family's attorney said Thursday in a statement.

"I am very sorry," Byron W. Brown Jr., 16, said Thursday in a statement released by his family's lawyer. "I want to apologize to my mother and father, my teachers and my classmates at City Honors [School] and to the people of the City of Buffalo."

The statement continued: "I want to apologize especially to the owners of the three vehicles I damaged. I am sorry for the embarrassment I caused my family. This has been a lesson I will never forget."

The family's lawyer, Joel L. Daniels, explained that the teen has agreed to plead guilty to two traffic violations: driving without a license and leaving the scene of a property damage-only accident.

Daniels said he will issue the guilty pleas on behalf of the youth Monday in City Court.

Last week, after news reports had circulated for days that an SUV owned by the mayor's family had been involved in a series of crashes near the mayor's residence, the youth admitted he was responsible.

The mayor initially had said he was "baffled" about what had taken place and that there was "zero percent chance" that anyone in his family had been involved.

He also said he had seen a surveillance video taken by a Canisius College camera and the person pictured did not look like his son.

But as news broke that a second surveillance camera had captured images from the incident, the mayor's son confessed to police detectives. The youth has a learner's permit but not a driver's license.

He told them that he took his family's Chevrolet Equinox to visit a friend. As he drove back to his home at about 7 a.m., he crashed into three vehicles, leaving a trail of car parts in the SUV's wake. He left the SUV on a street near his family's home before sneaking back into the house undetected.

The following day, the mayor held a news conference acknowledging that his son was indeed the culprit.


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